UV Coating is a tough clear-coat applied over printed materials to,protect against scratches, tears and fingerprints and enhance the brilliance of the ink colors.


UV Coating is applied in liquid form, then exposed to Ultra-Violet light which bonds and dries it instantly…hence its name “UV Coating.” It can be applied over the entire printed piece or it can be used as a Spot coating to just highlight particular areas. In addition, UV Coating is available in a variety of sheen levels,  with high gloss being the most popular.

Graphic Coatings,

Providing Printers with Premium  UV Coated Sheets 

Graphic Coatings was founded in Santa Fe Springs, Ca in 2008. Since then, Graphic Coatings has grown substantially while establishing itself as a premier supplier of Premium UV coating services. 

Real people answer our phones because we care about your needs and take an interest in your project. We personally monitor and manage your project from start to finish. We are experts at monitoring and managing your coating projects whether simple or complex. Our clients tell us that they sleep better knowing that we are overseeing the entire process. Why we’re different...Unlike other coating houses, which has limited resources in staff, skill and production capabilities, Graphic Coatings has a network of the most knowledgeable staff along with the support of our venders. Having access to all these resources allows us to offer you better pricing, quicker deliveries and multiple solutions that are outside the capabilities of the average Coater. What this means to you...Simplicity. You make one call to us and we work hard to make things easy for you. Whether you need basic Flood Coat, for product catalogs, or some serious “wow” potential, look no further. Graphic Coatings has you covered–